Upcoming Events

Tuesday 24th 7:30pm - Ladies Night Out in Chapter & Verse

Wednesday 25th 7:00pm - Zoom Meeting with Zuglo

Thursday 26th 7:00pm - Men's Night Out in Chapter & Verse 

Sunday 29th 11:00am - Bible Reading Matthew 28:16-20

Saturday 11th June - Water Aid event.  We are looking for peple who can walk around the town either once or twice carrying empty buckets and wearing a sash with the words ‘Water Aid’ on them.  We also need people at the gates handing out bottles of water and leaflets and encouraging people to come in for a tea or coffee in the social area.  There are sponsor sheets in the reception area and social area to help this very worthwhile charity and show our walkers some support also.  There are sign up sheets for the sponsors, walkers and people at the gates and you will need to try and get past Jim Stewart or Barbara Ann to get to the front door!!!


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