Sunday 21st April 2019

Today - 8:00am Early Morning Easter Service at the Forfar Loch, 11:00am Easter Service

Monday - 10:00am HIV walk in Perth, 1:30pm Knit'n Natter, 2:00pm Music Cafe

Tuesday - 10:30am Wee Blether, 12:00 Noon Cosy Corner

Wednesday - 11:00am Prayer Group, 12:10pm Reflective Service, 7:30pm Book Club at Mary's

Thursday - 12.15pm Heavenly Bites with Strathmore Primary, 1:30pm Art Group

Friday - 9:30am Baby Blether

Saturday - 10:00am Wakling Group

Next Sunday - 11:00am and 6.:30pm Sacramont of Holy Communion, Easter Service

Bible Reading for next week

11am John 21:1-14

6:30pm Acts 11:1-18

Prayers for the coming week - we thank God for memories of the past that have been shared and passed down through the generations which help us to learn from what has gone before.  We also pray that our Risen Lord’s light will shine in the lives of all people and that we his disciples let his light shine through us to others.

Hall and Room Bookings - as of now if you require the use of any of the rooms/hall for meetings and events can you please contact Paula Stewart on or 07715596465.

Church Office is now open Sat 10am-12noon- just ring the doorbell.

E-Mail address is

Please remember to inform Barbara Ann Tel. 01307 248228 or 07988938476 of anyone in hospital or needing the services of a minister.    

Charity Number – SC 004921    Copyright Licence – CCLI 2535604

Forfar East & Old Parish is a member of the Church of Scotland






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