Office Bearers Duty Rota

Office Bearers Duty Rota

All elders on duty should report to the Team Leader and Minister. If unable to attend it is the elder's responsibilty to find a replacement in good time. If there are visitors in the Church please let the Minister know before the service.

Team Leader: Supervse others on duty, check off the duty list and if necessary find a replacement for any person missing. Bible no longer gets carried in. The team leader will stand between the red door and the reception door. Advise people entering about signs and welcoming them.          

Duty 1: Situated in reception area and remind people about hand sanitisers, masks and signs etc and indicate them to go to the west door of the sanctuary.

Duty 2: Seated at a table and take contect details for test and trace.

Duty 3: Inside the sanctuary indicate which chairs are available for use and indicate the exit via social area door if required.

Duty Treasurer: At the 11am service the Duty Treasurer (in bold) to assist with Count afterwards.

 Date   Time  Team Leader Duty 1  Duty 2  Duty 3
 11/04/21  9:00am  J Nicol  L Spence

 I Stewart

 B Sweetin

 A Spence
 11/04/21  11:00am  E Sim  R Watt

 A Watt

 S Benvie

 G Scattergood
18/04/21  9:00am  A Birse  B Adamson

 D Duncan

 I Duthie

 M Daun
 18/04/21  11:00am  S Ewart  D Findlay

 L Grant

 M Myles

 M Fairley
 25/04/21  9:00am  E Kidd  S Forbes

 B Kidd

 K Kelly

 J Forbes
 25/04/21  11:00am  E McLeod  A McKenzie

 K Liddle

 L Lindsay

 J Nicol




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