Sunday 22nd October 2017

Today - 10.15am Prayer Goup in the Church, 11.00am Morning Communion, 6.30pm Evening Communion

Monday - 1.30pm Knit 'n Natter in the Big Kirk Shop, 2.00pm Music Cafe, 7.30pm Meeting regarding Zurich Trip

Tuesday - 10.30am Wee Blether, 12 Noon Cosy Corner,

Wednesday - 11.00am Prayer Group meeting in the Church, 12.10pm Reflective Service, 1.00pm Busy Hands, 7.15pm Guild in the Social Area

Thursday - 1.30pm Art Group in Church Hall, 7.00pm Highland Dance Display

Friday - 9.30pm Baby Blether in Social Area, 2.00pm Friday Fling in OAP Hall, 7.00pm Friends Renewal Night with Forfar Instrumental band

Saturday - 10.00am Walking Group  2.00pm floral Afternoon in Church

Sunday - 10.15am Prayer Group meeting in the Church, 11.00am Morning Worship

Advance Notices

Mon 30th - Conveners meeting in the manse

Tues 31st - Book Club at sally’s or Barbara Ann’s

Thurs 2nd - Heavenly Bites, Men’s Night out

Fri 3rd - 6.30pm Ghost walk meet at Church Hall

Sat 4th - Coffee Morning and Classical Concert

Sun 5th - Fireworks Night at the Manse 6pm

There are new items up on the wish list this week for both time and talents and money.

The prayer tree is now available and you will find colour coded cards next to it. 

Bookstall - the notice is way out of date.  Can you just say new Christian books, cards,  and much more plus FairTrade goods all available in the reception area.

LADIES - Advance Notice for your Diary,  Sat 28th October - Afternoon Tea and Flower Arranging Demonstration at 2pm in Church. Tickets on Sale from September

Hungarian trip to Scotland 15th March to 20th March 2018 - we are excited to announce that Zuglo Curch will be coming to visit Sctoland next year and the visit will be a choir visit where they will be giving three concerts: one in Forfar, one in Arbroath and hopefully another in Perth and also attending church with us on the Sunday morning.  They are hoping to bring 25-30 people which means we need quite a number of hosts!  Nine people have already offered to host our friends from Zuglo but we need more as there will be single people, couples and families all coming over.  Please speak to Barbara Ann or Karen Liddle and don’t be shy coming forward - there houses are no different from ours!  IT would be 4 nights for bed and breakfast.

Zurich Trip - Wednesday July 11th to Monday July 16th - please consider attending this wonderful trip next year and the exciting opportunities it will afford you the members and friends of East and Old Church.  It is only a few days and well worth the trip to meet other people of faith, hear more about the roots of our religion and to see the wonderful sights of Zurich and surrounding areas.  The program they have devised is suitable for all ages as each stage has options for those who are fitter and those want a more leisurely pace.  This is only an enquiry stage and you will not be committed to anything - it is just to find out numbers of those who may wish to attend.  We have already sourced cheap flights to get there!  Please speak to Barbara Ann or Karen Liddle or put your name on the sign up sheet.

Time and Talents Wish Board and Money - what we need wish board  - you will see in the church today and every Sunday two wish boards and these boards will be updated on a weekly basis.  There are many bits and pieces that are needed completed in the church however many of our members know nothing about it and we often hear ‘oh I could have done that’ or ‘oh I could have helped with that’ or ‘oh why didn’t you ask me?’ or ‘if only I had known!’  Additionally, due to our renovations there are lots of things that we would like to complete and add to our church to beautify it and to make life easier all round.  We are also starting new ventures in the coming months and are needing supplies bought for that.  Please take a look at both Wish Boards and if you feel you can help with any we ask that you take the card from the board, write your name on it and then hand it to Barbara Ann, Lexi, Margaret Scrimgeour or Bill.  Thank You.

Notice Board - we now have a new notice board up in the social area - please take the time to go and look at it.

Rota Sheets now up on notice board in social area for those willing to help with food at breakfast church and the evening service.  Please consider helping out at these.

Refreshment Rota - we urgently need people to put their downs for serving the tea and coffee after morning worship.  The list is in the social are and we ask you to come forward and volunteer for this role.

Bible Reading Rota - the new sheet is in the social area.  Please fill in any missing dates if you are available to assist in this area.

Bible Reading for next week -

Jeremiah 33:14-16

Prayer for the coming week - the week of challenge poverty has just passed so we think of those people locally, nationally and internationally who are on or below the poverty line and pray alongside other Christians of other denominations for an end to poverty by sharing the resources that we have in whatever form that takes.  We thank God this week for the abundance that we have in our lives in a variety of aspects and in our theme of ‘A time of nourishment’ this week we pray we can nourish others by sharing what we have

10p Collection - Keep your 10p pieces coming in as we still have quite a distance to cover.

Fairtrade Goods - have a look!  Homemade Jam £2 & £1.50
Church Office is now open Sat 10am-12noon- just ring the doorbell.

E-Mail address is

Please remember to inform Barbara Ann Tel. 01307 248228 or 07988938476 of anyone in hospital or needing the services of a minister.    

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