Sunday 18th February 2017

Today - 10.15am Prayer Group in the Church, 11.00am Morning Worship

Monday - 1.30pm Knit'n Natter, 2.00pm Music Cafe in Social Area, 7.30pm Ladies Night Out in Chapter & Verse

Tuesday - 10.30am Wee Blether, 12 Noon Cosy Corner, 2.00pm Kirkriggs Service, 7.00pm Hungarian Hosts Meeting

Wednesday - 11.00am Prayer Group in the Church, 12.10am Reflective Service

Thursday - 1.30pm Art Group, 2.30pm Finavon Care Home Service, 7.30pm Lent Bible Studies in East and Old,

Friday 9.30am Baby Blether in the Social Area, 12.00 Noon Lent Lunches in East and Old, 2.00pm Friday Fling in OAP Hall, 6.30pm Flick and Chips Night

Sunday 25th  10.15am Prayer Group in the Church, 11.00am Girl Guide Thinking Day Service, 5.30pm Evening Meal, 6.30pm Evening Service 

Advance Notice

Sun 25th Pancake lunch after morning worship supplied by Groovy Gryphons, 6.30pm Evening service

Tues 27th - A meeting for those travelling to Zurich

Thurs 1st March - Heavenly Bites

Fri 2nd March - World Day of Prayer at 7pm in East and Old

Sat 3rd - Baby Blether 2nd Hand baby supplies!  Come along for your tea, coffee and home baking. Tea tickets on sale now!

Saturday 10th March our minister is hosting an open evening at the manse and asks for you to come along and meet the two South Sudanese guests who are staying with her that weekend.  If you arrive from 6.30pm onwards you will get something to eat and drink.

Retiring offering - there will be a retiring offering this week and next in aid of the various trips that are happening in East and Old over the next few months.  In March we are hosting Zuglo Church, in April Barbara Ann and Irene are of to Nepal and in May we are hosting Zurich Church.  The retiring offering will help out greatly for these events and hopefully will mean we do not need to hold more fundraisers for these exciting opportunities.

Friday Fling - we urgently need more helpers at the Friday Fling which is held every 2 weeks in the OAP Hall on a Friday from 2pm to 4pm.  You do not need to be a dancer to help at this very worthwhile club and we would hate to see the club fold because of the lack of a few volunteers.  Please speak to Jean Alexander or Barbara Ann.

Refreshment Rota - volunteers are needed and this list is located in the social area.

Hosts for the Zurich Guests - we are delighted to say that 30 people are coming over in May to join us from Zurich Church so we are asking if those hosting the Hungarian visitors can also host the Zurich guests and if one or two more people will be able to host some of them.  Speak to Karen Liddle or Barbara Ann.

Breakfast Church and Evening Services - we are looking for various people to offer their services to make breakfast or the evening meals for approximately 25 people or so at each of these events and then we would like some volunteers to lead the worship in thses services also.  Speak to Barbara Ann and see the sign up sheet in the social area please?

Calling all ladies

Under 50 years of age!

We are hoping to start a new venture in the coming months for ladies who are interested in getting together in this age range.  We have plenty of ideas about the format of the evening but we would rather have your input.

Please put your name down on the list in the social area if you might be interested in coming along and/or giving us ideas.

Calling all widows and widowers!

We are hoping to start a new venture in the coming months for men and women who have lost loved ones.  We are looking for names of those who might be interested in getting out and not feeling like they are the odd one out or the third person in another couple.  Please add your name to the list in the social area so can discover what we can do, where and when as a group.

Bookstall - the notice is way out of date.  Can you just say new Christian books, cards,  and much more plus FairTrade goods all available in the reception area.

Time and Talents Wish Board and Money - what we need wish board  - you will see in the church today and every Sunday two wish boards and these boards will be updated on a weekly basis.  There are many bits and pieces that are needed completed in the church however many of our members know nothing about it and we often hear ‘oh I could have done that’ or ‘oh I could have helped with that’ or ‘oh why didn’t you ask me?’ or ‘if only I had known!’  Additionally, due to our renovations there are lots of things that we would like to complete and add to our church to beautify it and to make life easier all round.  We are also starting new ventures in the coming months and are needing supplies bought for that.  Please take a look at both Wish Boards and if you feel you can help with any we ask that you take the card from the board, write your name on it and then hand it to Barbara Ann, Lexi, Margaret Scrimgeour or Bill.  Thank You.

Flower Convener - we are delighted that Catriona Milne has agreed to take over the admin duties of the flower group.  To the many people who donate money for the flowers on a Sunday and also donate additional money to the flower fund generally thank you.  You can give your donation to Catriona or hand it into Prima next door and the owner Jennifer will take it from you.  Catriona's phone number for reference and in case you would like to speak to her is 01307 467606.

10p Collection - Keep your 10p pieces coming in as we still have quite a distance to cover.

Fairtrade Goods - have a look!  Homemade Jam £2 & £1.50

Bible Readings for next week

11am - N/A - bible reading told through stories

6.30pm - John 13:1-17

Prayers for the coming week - we pray for all those who answer God’s call in service including all those who give of their time, talents and money to further the work of Christ here in East and Old and further afield.  This week we remember in our prayers all our emergency services, armed forces and the workers employed in our National Health System for the work they do and the commitment they show.

Church Office is now open Sat 10am-12noon- just ring the doorbell.

E-Mail address is

Please remember to inform Barbara Ann Tel. 01307 248228 or 07988938476 of anyone in hospital or needing the services of a minister.    

Charity Number – SC 004921    Copyright Licence – CCLI 2535604

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