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The March 2018 Edition

Articles on:

Brexit: Thomas Baldwin on how the Church of Scotland at home and overseas prepares for exit from the European Union.

'Just so many questions' - Jacquelyn Maclennan, a Church of Scotland elder in Brussels, is concerned for the future in post Brexit Europe.

'Keep talking and listening' The Moderator visits the Holy Land.

The impact of climate change on Zambi - a 'Moral Issue'.

200 Years since Frankenstein was written- time to revisit Mary Shelley's original story of identity,love, power, responsibility, good, evil, revenge, forgiveness, fanaticism and pride.

Regular contributors Rev John Chalmers, Rev Albert Bogle and Rev Ron Ferguson


The February 2018 edition.

Articles on:

Very Rev Dr Finlay Macdonald on reviewing the role of the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Sleeping  Under the Stars in Edinburgh - the mass sleep-out on a freezing night, to tackle homelessness.

St Valentine's Day - A reflection on the saintly people who have influenced Scotland.

The overseas charity work of Scripture Union's International Council.

Profile of Professor Gordon Dickson, outgoing chair of Children's Hospices Across Scotland.

Regular articles from: Rt Rev Dr Derek Browning - Moderator

                                   Very Rev Dr John Chalmers

                                   Very Rev Albert Bogle

                                   Ron Ferguson



The January 2018 edition. 

Articles on;

2018 The Year of Young People in the Church of Scotland

Holocaust Memorial Day January 27th

The Moderator - Bridges of Kindness & Faith

Editor - Bridging generations.

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