Heavenly Bites

Heavenly Bites 

Heavenly Bites is off for the summer and will be back in September, it will be held on the first Thursday of the month

Name 1 – buys in the ingredients – you need to check the cupboard before the Thursday to see what supplies are needed. 

Please swap with someone if dates do not suit and alter on board in church

Important: one person from the week before takes home the table covers, dish towels and aprons, washes them and brings them back.

Please check fridge for out of date goods!

Lynda Stobbs - 466342

Elizabeth McLeod – 818214

Irene Duthie - 465895

Glenda Robertson – 464625

Muriel Fairley - 463936        

Margaret Myles – 467428     

Esther Kidd – 462701

Alison Liddle – 462082

Alison McLaren - 466656

Anne Watt – 464738

Isobel Wilson – 467464

Mabel Martin - 462713

Barbara Ann – 248228


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